Hair Coloring

Salon Services in Austin, TX

You can go to any salon to get a haircut, but it’s only at Vita’s Hair Salon that you’ll find the warm, welcoming atmosphere of stylists who want to help you find the look you’ll absolutely love! From haircuts to hair coloring, hair styling to product recommendations, we appreciate the individuality of our Austin and Montopolis, TX clients. Whatever your ideal look is, we’re committed to it. We’ll cut it, style it and teach you how to maintain it. Then when it comes time to do it all over again, we’ll welcome you back as a regular!

Haircuts for the Whole Family

We specialize in men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts, and cuts for kids. We think everyone should be able to enjoy the look they love! Our hairstyling experts are knowledgeable about classic hairstyles that never go out of fashion, as well as the new, on-trend cuts and styles that are popular. We’re happy to work with your preferences on length, style and texture, and will always cut to accentuate your best features.

Salon Services

Hair Coloring and Hair Styling

Put down the store-bought box dye and step away! There’s no matching the consistency and color of a professional dye job. Whether it’s to touch up your roots or you’re shifting to a brand-new color, hair coloring is one of our core salon services. Then, once it’s dyed, let us style it so you can walk out feeling confident in your best look yet!

Beard Trimming

Looking for a place for beard trimming and shaping in Austin, TX? We welcome men who want to keep their facial hair looking dapper and well-groomed. From goatees to full beards and sideburns, we’ll touch everything up so you look clean-cut and sophisticated.

Facial Waxing

Want to get rid of the peach fuzz above your lip? The unibrow that keeps growing in? We offer facial waxing services for men and women, giving you an option that last longer than shaving and yields far better results.

Bring Out Your Best Look

From radical new cuts to the style you’ve loved for years, visit Vita’s Hair Salon for men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts, coloring, and more. We promise a welcoming atmosphere and results that have you feeling confidence in your style from the moment you leave the chair.

Contact us today at 512-440-5100 to schedule an appointment for salon services.